Hey all,

Just wanted to inquire here and see what you guys think about what happened with my latest Ultratech. I ordered it straight from microtech earlier this month (Dec) and only unboxed it yesterday. It’s a LEO version of the Ultratech which I carried for the first time today.

A little background on EDC. I carry my other UT in my waist band everyday, because I don’t really want to advertise I’m carry an OTF by carrying it in the pocket. So, over a period of a few months it has developed some wear marks on the side of the clip (side away from the body). It took several months to get that wear.

Anyway, so I carried my new LEO today for the first time and after about 8 hours it developed substantial wear in the same location as my first UT and just as much.

As I type this I realize; I’m wearing denim jeans today. Mostly I don’t wear jeans, and hadn’t been wearing them a lot with my first UT, wearing other types of fabric pants. I’m guessing the denim is not liking the ano on my UTs.

Anyone else have this wear, and if so, was it as fast as mine? Just curious if this is a common occurrence with denim and the anodization.

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I have never had that happen on any of my MT's even going in and out of my kydex sheaths.
I carry mine every day and I have no wear on my knife,that being said no it's not normal I've had an MT in my pocket since 95 and all still have the anodizing still in tact
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Same here, I carry a MT everyday and never have had ano rub off, in fact I would say MT has some of the most durable ano in the industry. Kinda looks like another piece of metal rubbed on it. Does your pants have an metal eyelet it could be contacting with?
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Not the best pic but I wouldn't call that "wear".
There's obviously something else involved here that would explain that damaged finish.
And it sure isn't denim. My 18 year old EDC UT6 has been worn clipped in jean pockets most of it's life since new.
If there's any wear after all that, it's barely discernible. 

Can't help but wonder what's changed. Different anodizing type or different anodizing vendor,
seems something's up that's a departure from the past it would seem...

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8 hrs of wear/use should not look like that.
I'd say "manufacture defect".
I've got L-UDTs that have been carried for 12+ years and used very hard, some chips and nicks but nothing like that. Here's one that was in pocket & used everyday for 7+ years until the spring broke. But look at the grind lines worn away and look at the back side really clean
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Thanks for the concern and information. I wasn’t even thinking it was a manufacturer defect. I thought it might be how it’s carried. Inside the waistband appendix (10 o’clock angled in toward the 12) with the belt over the clip. At first I thought it might be the inside of the zipper making contact with it periodically, but at the 10, it’s nowhere near the zipper.
Anyway, this has happened to both my UTs. It’s just the LEO wear happened so fast it freaked me out. Regardless, I don’t think I’m going to send them back, I’ll just live with it. Besides, they are workers anyway and should get worn and dinged. My wife flipped out enough for both of us over it anyway. LOL (200 dollars!!!! WTF??!!)

EDIT: Culprit located. A rivet at the top portion of the front pocket of the jeans (exactly in the area of carry) Scratch marks on the inside portion of rivet. I never noticed them until now, and usually don’t wear them very much. So......I feel like a GD jerk for even posting this thread.
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Good find! It looked like an eyelet or rivet wear to me. It takes a lot of rubbing for MT ano to rub off. It’s tough as nails.
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