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The UDT has changed many times over the years. My favorites are the older ones.   3A98C49F-F065-4B5A-8B48-913530E2674C.jpeg 
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Ben Croker
I agree. The older ones with the rubber insert are much better  looking IMHO
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This topic is going to end up costing me money 
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Just saw the pic here Fireaid. Does anyone know that you replaced the Center pivot with wall screws to get them to stay up on the wall?😂😂😂😂😂
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@Michbon I apologize for not seeing your question until now.  All are full size LUDTs, the perspective skews the comparison slightly.  Top to bottom, Tony satin, machine grind Damascus, Tony grind Damascus hot blued MOP button, Brend HP, machine grind on the bottom.  Walter did the LUDTs first, the MUDTs followed with the deep gimping.  Some might speculate that the gimping on Tony's was inspired by Walter's.
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No apologies Big C....thank you as always for the information 🤟🏻😉
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