If anyone wants to share their info or pics I'd appreciate it.  I was wondering how much the boxes changed from conception to current times.  For example the older boxes seemed to be plain white boxes, then boxes with sleeves some with identification stamps, to the current style.  Can anyone provide images?  Were there any "custom" boxes?


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I would love to see this also. As far as I know early customs came in white boxes with Maxpedition zippered pouches. Now they come in the packaging we all know and love. I'm not sure if there were any in-between except the gold boxes for specific models
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Prior to the old white boxes, Microtech used gold jewelry boxes (cardboard of course) with the Microtech logo imprinted on them. From 1998 thru 2002, the clamshell boxes with white sleeves, also just the small white boxes. I'll look around and see if I still have any of them
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I've got several of the old gold boxes (even an original DS1 with sales receipt), and a bunch of the white boxes. The white boxes sometimes had a sticky ID label, or sometimes were written in pen. Usually there was some kind of paperwork about knife care & safety, often with a drawing of the specific knife.

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Only one of these in my collection...bought 2nd hand from Josh at PVK 20543256-21AA-4CAF-8116-6A5FA06C4BBA.jpeg 
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