Wanted to share this knife and the story.

Back in the Vero Beach days, Tony was friends with a local collector named Jerry.  Tony referred to Jerry once (to me) as his "mentor".  Jerry was a collector of Microtechs and was able to acquire some very rare pieces due to their friendship.

Jerry was kind enough to sell me all of his Microtechs over the course of the last 3 or 4 years, and we have become friends as well.

This is the last knife that Jerry had.  This was his personal carry knife for the past ~20~ years, and it was finally time to let it go. 

As Jerry tells it, he told Tony that he would like to buy a "unique" knife for personal carry.  Tony came up with a Socom M/A with HP hardware/clip and a High Satin blade.  This knife never made the Valmet list.  Tony confirmed the story today.

I am proud to say that Jerry trusted me enough to let me care for his collection, going forward.  This particular one, the last one, holds just as much "value" to me as all of the rest.

20190328_143628.jpg 20190328_143653.jpg 20190328_143724.jpg 20190328_143753.jpg 20190328_143820.jpg 20190328_143835.jpg  
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That is truly beautiful and moving. Thanks for this little peak in the window. Great piece 
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Great knife and thanks for the story behind it Jerrod, many treasures were formed in the early years at Microtech and this wonderful piece you shared here is one of the standouts.
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Great history with that piece & the knife uh huh. 😉
Wanted: Mini UDTs & UTX-70s the older the better. 
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Very nice!
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Wow! Looks like he took very good care of it, while he carried it. I have a Socom that's been my EDC for 20 years and it looks nothing like that.
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Wonderful post J
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