Today was another horrific day in my Law Enforcement career. Today an adjoining county, Marshall Co., had an active shooting event at their high school. Two precious lives were lost and five other students are clinging to their lives. My agency responded for a call to mutual aid. December 1st of this year marked the 20 year anniversary of the Heath High School shooting in Paducah, McCracken Co., KY.. I was a Detective back then with the Paducah Police Department. We lost three lives, all students, that day. Today I serve as a Deputy Sheriff with the McCracken Co. Sheriff's Department. I pray to our Lord that these families find comfort, strength, and maintain their faith as we move forward as a community. I ask for your prayers for these folks as they struggle to move forward.
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School shootings were unheard of when I was a kid. I hate that the world has become such a dangerous place for today’s youth. Prayers for the victims and their families.
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I've been trying to figure out what to say, ever since this happened and I read your post.  I really don't have the words.  I have 3 kids in grades 3rd, 6th & 7th.  I get upset when I hear of such tragedy.  Prayers for all.
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Sad to hear. I don't know how anyone could hurt children. I always think, what could have been done to change the outcome? 

There is a topic at my workplace focused around workplace shootings similar to that popular video that went viral a few years ago. I was reading the do's and dont's the "head of security" came up with...  a lot of run and hide. As I got further into the artical towards the end there was talk about last ditch effort of teaming up to overcome the bad guy and using weapons like "water bottles"    seriously...  In a office environment the best weapon to improvise would be a water bottle...  

Hard to say what I would do? Its easy to be a armchair quarterback. Ive studied knife fighting and I know how stressful and bloody a gunfight or CQC could be.

Ive lost my train of thought were I was going with this, but Ill finish by saying my heart goes out to First Responders of any type. I have many LEO/MIL friends along with Fire/Nurses. To arrive on scene of an active shooter with wounded victims has got to be insanely stressful.  
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