I am a collector from the 'old days' that I'm sure a number of you remember. I have an extensive collection with many MT proto types, customs, etc. I've also a lot of Harkins and Daltons. Since I've been out of the action for a while and beginning to think about letting some go, I don't know what current pricing is. I am considering getting a table at the Oregon Knife Show, and seeing what offers come in, maybe not this year, but next maybe ....

For now, just for grins, what is a fair market price for an original 1997 Dragon Slayer, one of a run of 11?

Or a 1998 dagger logo Brend blade high polish Nemesis? 

How much has the pricing gone up on these 20 year old blades?


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It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it -- I suspect the person willing to pay the most won't be at the Oregon knife show.

Perhaps you should catalog what you want to sell and reach out to some of the other "old days" members still here for advice on pricing and venue?

Quiet bid solicitation is a touchy subject on just about every forum.  It also guarantees you won't get the market value for your items.
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Original 97' DragonSlayer is a very historically significant Vintage piece, not to mention only 11 were made and who knows how many still exist and what kind of condition they are in? ...You NEVER see these come up for sale, personally I've only seen one mentioned as Possibly for sale here about 8 years back and the guy who posted it never responded back to his post and disappeared even though people kept inquiring about it and it's condition. There are many interested collectors out there, who knows where it could go value wise, I wouldn't be too quick to make a deal on a serious piece like that.
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