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Jdwwe wrote:
I have heard that the knife is scraped altogether due to some safety concerns with the design and possible collapse of the blade on the fingers due to firing button placement...

The button, at least on mine, is pretty stiff.
Altho your comments might explain why the safety sesm to have re-appeared.
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Jdwwe wrote:

whats everyone's thoughts????? Value if it is indeed scraped and they never release an auto version?

I was lucky enough to pick one non-safety up here in Europe and later heard of a guy selling his non-safety one for 1100$!
It's a kind of pre-run with S/N 072 11/2019 and it works great without the safety!
(but according to Corey Campbell from MT the S/N are not continuously numerated)

In my point of view there is no realistic way to push the button while holding the knife open in your hand but maybye that is an legal issue?!?!
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Josh N

It will probably be worth more if they don’t make anymore without the safety. Then again, they might decide to make another batch without it like they do with the HALO...

Here’s a little info on the version with the safety in case someone has the wrong idea about it...The safety is there so the blade doesn’t accidentally close on your fingers in a combat/fighting situation. It is easily actuated with your thumb. Also, it’s more of a toggle switch than a button, so you don’t have to hold the safety down while you fire the knife. I leave my safety off so that the knife is ready to fire if I need it. Everything is done quickly with one hand.

I seriously doubt that the knife would ever accidentally close while using it either, but you never know. Either way though, the safety is well designed so that it doesn’t inhibit, or slow down using the blade if you really needed it.

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