I know I don't post alot or contribute much but I still appreciate this group and all it has to offer.
Mid January I flew into Asheville, NC on a business trip. Took a short detour and I mean short because one of the Microtech offices is super close to the airport and had the pleasure of meeting some really nice folks employed there.  This included Jason McCoy who happened to be there as well and he was quick to pull out a Socom Elite! I understood they were getting ready to go to Europe for some shows. Love this company. Just added a Dirac to my collection. 

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I just spoke with Brittany Hamilton at the Mills River Microtech Knives location and she was so pleasant to talk with too!  I can't wait for their retail showroom to open there.  Being only a 90 min ride from there I plan on stopping there and the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co as well.  They both are only a traffic light away from one another.  Sierra Nevada has some awesome tours there and the Tap Room dining area is awesome as well.  A must see and do while there.  Reservations are needed though for the different tours they offer.
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Awesome I wanna go
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