Recently checked out the latest batch of Microtech knives that are available at a local knife store. I got to fire some that I never had the opportunity to hold prior.  It's interesting how on some of the OTF's the springs seem to be really tight and others loose.  On the older models is there more consistency to how it feels when you deploy the blade?  I find it amusing to watch someone that has never held a Microtech OTF try to deploy the knife for the first time. Because I did the same thing haha. Also -   I tried some of the Heretics.  Wasn't impressed.  They felt lighter and blade deployment felt weak.  Any thoughts anyone?
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Personaly I live Heretic and Anthony Jr. He is producing some beautiful knives. I think it is going to be a lot of years before he can get out of his dada shadow but I think he has a great start. I personally bought one of his manule action Martyr and I absolutely love it. I have EDC it and have nothing but great things to say about it. 

As for the action on the otf's I feel the smaller the Mt otf the harder it is to fire.  I had one of the original trodons that was unbelievable in his hard it was to open and close and I have had ultratechs that have been very easy. I think it all comes down to the spring they are using during that run. 
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