It was 20 years ago that I found the Microholics forum.  I was hanging out on the SKM and The Switchblade Forum collecting old school switchblades when I learned about the Microholics forum.  
My first MT was a Brend CTII I bought from Patrick at Tad Gear who I met here on the forum. 
My MT collection was small in comparison to many of yours, but I had some nice early models. 
I did not tuck them away in a safe, they were in display cases on the wall with the rest of my auto collection.  I enjoyed looking at them every day.  The wall looks strange now with the cases taken down showing the faded paint squares left on the wall.  Yeah, I am kinda sad about that, but it is what it is. 

I am getting older and did not want my wife to sell them off for what I told her I paid for them when I am gone. 🙂
I sold off all of my MT's to another collector here on the forum.  He can speak up if he want's it public. 
I did keep two for the pocket, a Troodon and an UTX70.  I will be selling off the rest of my non MT collection over the next year. 

I will still check in to see whats new and what everyone is up to.  I just wanted to thank Microholics and all of you folks for the many years of enjoyment I had being a Microholic. 

Aloha, Gary. 

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Appreciate you brother, keep in touch👊🏼
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I hope you find what you're searching for, less is more.
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Ben Croker
I have learned a lot from you over the years. Sorry you let the collection go but I can totally understand getting rid of them like you did. I’d hate for my wife to have to liquidate my collection of old school models too. 

Of note a Troodon is my usual edc too. 

Thanks, Ben
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Learned a lot from him also!  Done several deals also over the many years!  I am also at that point and will be doing something with my collection soon.  SUCKS getting older. Thanks David
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A real Gentleman...
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Fare well, Gary.  We'll miss you, so please do drop in from time to time.
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When one door closes, another opens. Good luck on the next fun thing you find Gary!
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Good luck on your next endeavor.

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Prost! I thought this was interesting..."My first MT was a Brend CTII I bought from Patrick at Tad Gear who I met here on the forum." My first MT was also a CTII that I bought from Patrick York for $400 and change when it was Triple Aught Design. I traded it for an Emerson Super Commander (early version). Damn I messed that up!!!
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I’ve been a fan of Microtech only since 2012...and I can see being devoted for 20 years but that is a good clip of time ..i was just finishing High School when Tony and his better half decided to make a dream come true...did they ever think it would turn into what it is today?
When you are deep into collecting I think we all say “I’m never selling” but the importance of objects or possessions changes over the course of time...whether we possess a thing or just admire it our appreciation of it does not cease.
A very nice farewell from a senior member....
Just more proof of what a great community Microholics supports
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Tough decision to make, although there’s a lot of good here, 1, your babies went to another who will treat them with the same love you did.
2. Chance to take that money and spend it enjoying time and experiences with your wife.  
Im new here but really enjoying it.  It’s great to have a place to share the love of MT.   Enjoy the ride my friend!   
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Earl Cordova
Hawaiian wrote:
.....I am getting older and did not want my wife to sell them off for what I told her I paid for them when I am gone. 🙂....

That is what I did a couple of years ago except I kept two Ultratechs.
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