handing in assets to list for insurance purposes in my office, i pulled out a bunch of knives which i have forgot.

there are three i cant find the receipts for and have briefly tried to deduce a value and would put them up on the site however i have no concept what to list them for.

1.  Halo III, black plain, p/n 300112  sn: 2399

2.  Scarab D/E Black Tact Plain, 300799-21   sn: 00225

3  I think it is a Dragonfly, no box, just microtech claw on black blade with 07/2003 and it is more black and has hints of green camo on it.

I purchased the first two new.  no concept where the bali came from.  if anyone can point me to a post or another source id be oblliged.
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for insurance purposes I'd say
Halo III: 800
Scarab: 900
Dragonfly: 600
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Awesome, much thanks.
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