Hello all,

This is my first post, I have owned a few automatics, (Lightening OTF Dagger, 2 Boker Kalashnikovs, and a First Edge 1450), just today, I took ownership of my first Microtech, but first off, it's not a knife, it's a beard comb, I know, starting off collecting Microtech Knives with a comb, but what better way to get your feet wet.

Monday, in the mail, will be two Microtech knives, a Halo V, and a Ultratech Hellhound Tanto, Monday can't come soon enough.

But what I noticed today when checking out the comb, is the quality and feel, compared to my previous automatics, but another thing happened, I was afraid that I might damage it, by opening and closing it too much, or even worst, dropping it..did anyone else experience that, it's just so beautiful, don't want to see, anything happen to it..

I don't plan on carrying them, to me, they are a thing of's a few pictures of my baby..

I kid you not, at this time, I have, 7 Microtechs, on layaway, it's fair to say, I have the Microtech

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Welcome to the club!
Have a Pheasant Plucking Day
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And so it begins...

There's a lot worse things to become addicted to...[smile]
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That's a cool comb. First look, it appeared to be an Ultratech. Even has a dagger logo. Wait until you get your actual knives on Monday. [smile]
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Your wallet is so screwed.  [rofl]  You're going to love every minute of it.

Do yourself a favor and pick one to sacrifice for EDC.  After the first scratch, "just so beautiful" will become an excellent tool & faithful companion.

Regarding durability, fear not, a Microtech will give you many years of service -- just be careful who you hand it to.  There's always one guy who wants to cycle the action 40 times in a row, and for some reason, he'll be wearing at least 3 rings.
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Yes, that's what I figured I would do, look for a Microtech, that is a little beat up, and carry that, these are too nice to throw in a pocket full of change, and I say change, cause that's all I have left over, after buying Microtechs.. lol
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When those came out I remember gagging ... but now think they are cool.  Welcome to the club.   
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