The Socom is my everyday carry knife for work. The K6 is my off duty gun.  39833930-4224-4795-A4B2-D52AC9C6199B.jpeg 
Keep your head low and reload fast  
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My everyday carry is this Amphibian. As far as guns, since I work at horse corrals in the southern Nevada desert, I carry a Marlin 22 lever action for coyotes, and keep a SW 357 in the truck for bigger coyotes. I've tried carrying a UT around the barn, but the dust & hay gums up the OTF, so a side-opener works best for me. Having a one-hander around livestock makes good sense. If you are tangled up with a struggling horse & need to cut rope, best to have one hand free to protect yourself. I also believe an automatic is safer horseback than a sheath knife in a fall. 

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