Like many people, I've been following this story for about a week now.  I know we have some members who live in the western part of the country, as well as a few who regularly travel to fight fires and provide other emergency services.  Y'all please be safe out there.

In looking through photos on the various news sites, the amount of loss (lives, homes, and other property) simply staggers the imagination.  My heart goes out to everyone being impacted by this event.

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Ditto on that. That's been some devastating stuff. I used to live in some of those areas and can't imagine what they look like after these horrible fires. Hope for the best for any involved. Thanks and praise to any and all helping fight these fires. These people have huge hearts and big balls to do what they do.
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I am lucky enough to work for the County of Orange, CA. We just escaped loosing dozens if not hundreds of multi million dollar estates.
My carpentry shop is within Irvine regional park, we host the fire camps when they need or we have fires. I've seen the firefighters work on these type fires for years now, all I can say is utter amazement. This is from the most recent which we basically lost 2 park's which look like the Moon surface, pics to follow.
My container is the Tan one, which has all my Lacquer, Lacquer thinner, Sanding sealer which are all extremely combustible, also have 50-60 sheets of plywood you get the picture, and here they are. They are metal shipping containers (were)
In the last shot you see where the fire was stopped right up against the property line of dozens of multi million dollar estates.
Fire containers.JPG 
Fire container gone.JPG 
Fire peters.JPG 
fire foss check line.JPG 
Fire peters water.JPG
Wanted: Mini UDTs & UTX-70s the older the better. 
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I'm glad you're okay, Paul.  I read a news report this morning suggesting that firefighters are starting to get the upper hand.

As you mentioned, some places look like the surface of the moon.  Entire neighborhoods have been leveled to ash -- you can replace the TV and the microwave, but just think about all of the family history (photo albums, keepsakes, etc.) that has been lost.

california-fire-coffey-park-before-ht-jt-171010_4x3_992.jpg  california-fire-coffey-park-after-epa-jt-171010_4x3_992.jpg 
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