First, thanks to all who responded to my "newbie really needs help" post.

I am Ted, from Bucks County, PA. I was lead to your forum by a good friend, Brad F a former member who I don't think has re-upped since your hack...glad he told me about you guys! I'm guns, knives, motorcycles, amateur photography, watches and flashlights [smile] I have a Wicked Edge and taught myself how to use it pretty well.

Knife wise...I've collected for years...Buck, Chris Reeve, Benchmade, Sam McDowell, Remington Bullet, KaBars, Mora...bunch more I can't think of now.

Couple pics to start off...Sebenza, Benchmade 162 (203/500 first production), handmade (saw blade, not by me), couple inexpensive S&W Extreme Ops

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Welcome Ted. Sounds like you will fit tight in. Beware, these Microtech knives can be somewhat addictive.
Have a Pheasant Plucking Day
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Welcome. New traffic is always good.
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Welcome Ted.  You have some good hobbies that most of us share.  Pull up a chair and stay awhile.  

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Welcome aboard Ted!

CMSgt USAF 1975 - 2000
USAF taught me to nuke millions of innocent people ... got damn good at it too.  It forged me into a warrior and no one hates war like a warrior.
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Hey ted! Good to get an intro, matt from Ohio here.. my screen name however explains it well[smile] LOL! Anywho your in the right place, as mentioned before beware these blades are extremely addicting... one is never enough!
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Welcome to the forum, Ted!  [thumb]
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Welcome Ted! Great bunch here. Toben
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