Can someone please explain to me the uproar over Benchmade helping a law enforcement department destroy some busted ass shotguns?
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I’m not sure the Benchmade fiasco is related to Microtech, and I’m on my phone, so I will do my best to highlight it, so here goes. 

At first the negative reaction was based on no information concerning a Facebook post by the Oregon City Police Department which a video depicted Benchmade employees (inside Benchmade) and Police officers destroying “forfitted” firearms. This comes on the heels of some Red flag laws supposedly being enforced by Oregon LE agencies. Then it came to light that for years (since roughly 2002) the Benchmade company has been contributing to the campaigns of several Anti-Gun politicians (Democrat’s, mostly in Oregon but also in Massachusetts. Mass has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation).
OPD removed the video and posted a extremely convoluted explanation of the destruction of the firearms but really didnt explain how the firearms were obtained. (The conclusions reached by many were that OPD confiscated them illegally perhaps).
To further fuel the fire Benchmade posted on IG a reasoning for the recent destruction but failed to address the anti-gun concerns. So, many 2A advocates who are also knife guys have essentially boycotted Benchmade. 

In the last few days I have seen where other companies have been revealed as contributing finiancially to the anti gun movement. Companies like Surefire and Eotech are among them.

i recommend you look on YouTube. specifically looking at  Cutlerylover’s and Llibertydoll’s videos. They both have some really good information and insight.

im not a Benchmade fan, haven’t been for many years. So I’m not really invested in the problems they have. 
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