Greetings Y'all,

Let me begin by offering my thanks for any and all feedback y'all may be able to provide. 

I've always thought it best to ask those that have a passion for a subject when trying to find answers that aren't easily found. 

So here's the question: What's a fair market value for a 2005 QD Scarab S/E 2-Tone Black Plain.  S/N 27**  03/2005 is the date on the blade. It has the original white box with S/N sticker and product sticker, warranty cards w/the Vero Beach address, TAG holster, a file (?) and a different glass breaker type lanyard endcap . 

The knife is in excellent condition to my untrained eye. The spring action is strong, extending and retracting and locking firmly in place during both. 

I know what new Scarabs go for.....BUT, does the value go up for older ones?Microtech 1.jpg  

Microtech 2.jpg  

I've got more pics, box, warranty cards, etc...but figured this was good enough to start. 

I appreciate any information y'all can provide. 

Take Care and have a good one.
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Your pics aren't showing.

Believe it's the fault of the host (cloudfront.net).
Might try Imgur or some other host.
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Welcome to Microholics.  Condition is everything on early stuff, so you'll need to get the photos showing to get a ball park guess.  Significant difference between excellent and mint.

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Hillbilly king, Mike, I messaged you regarding a de executive. Thank you
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