• I'm embarrassed to admit...............

    You know how when a dog gets caught shredding something he shouldn't have? And when confronted he gets a goofy look positively ID'ing him of being...

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    Started by Meerkat4848

  • Needing Some Smoke N Prayers

    Posted a photo

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    Started by Stabber

  • HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

    Happy 4th to everyone. Have a great day with your families and have fun!

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    Started by diverdown

  • What is in your EDC rotation?

    My knife rotation includes some small LT Wright and Battle Horse Knives fixed blades, PM2, and a UT.

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    Started by MicroMike

  • Microtech and Heretic Knives

    Recently checked out the latest batch of Microtech knives that are available at a local knife store. I got to fire some that I never had the...

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    Started by Meerkat4848

  • Claw Logo on knife blades

    Hello, New member here and I apologize for bringing something up that has most likely been discussed prior. I'm new to the world of Microtech...

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    Started by Meerkat4848

  • Memorial Day

    in honor of my dad who served 30 years in the USAF and all others who have served, thank you for your service and dedication to helping make this...

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    Started by Cheffrey

  • I'm Viewing Some Older Members Who Are Here.

    Including myself.LOL I believe I joined in 2001-02 or around that time. Although I sold most of my M/T collection,about 70 pieces, I still have a...

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    Started by sportingspecialist


    East Coast Custom Knife Show in Ft. Lauderdale last weekend was awesome!! I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Marfione. So many amazing knives and...

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    Started by Meerkat4848

  • Hello

    It’s good to see the name activated again, I’m assuming Mike started it again. I hope all the old crowd is still here and healthy....

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    Started by bigmark408

  • School shooting

    Today was another horrific day in my Law Enforcement career. Today an adjoining county, Marshall Co., had an active shooting event at their high...

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    Started by abboe

  • John Wick 2

    Sorry to see the old forum got chingalaid. Just watched John Wick 2 and noticed at least a Scarab, and maybe a fixed blade. Anyone else see it?

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    Started by Dtex

  • California Wildfires

    Like many people, I've been following this story for about a week now. I know we have some members who live in the western part of the country, as...

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    Started by mjswan

  • Storms, Fires, and Earthquakes

    Just a quick note to say that I hope all of our members are someplace safe right now. I know there are a number of 'natural events' taking place in...

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    Started by mjswan


    Happy 4th of July to everyone! Hope everyone has a safe Independence Day!

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    Started by diverdown

  • Happy Father's Day !

    Happy Father's Day and enjoy your weekend with your families!

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    Started by diverdown

  • Blade?

    Come on guys we that couldn't make it to Blade need some pictures and info on what's hot for the new knife season. Mike

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    Started by Plasma1

  • Memorial Day!

    "I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation under God, Indivisible,...

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    Started by fullautofun

  • Radio Garden

    Here's an interesting website. You use a global map to find and tune stream-able radio stations around the world. Radio Garden

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    Started by mjswan

  • Blade Show VIP tickets

    I have a few. Please post and I'll message you if I don't already have your address. First come first serve.

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    Started by knifenut48

  • Blade 2017

    Just testing the waters. Thinking of dropping in for a day or two with Uncle Steve and some buddies. Who is going?

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    Started by Kalebdad

  • Brief Introduction

    First, thanks to all who responded to my "newbie really needs help" post. I am Ted, from Bucks County, PA. I was lead to your forum by a...

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    Started by TMK

  • Feedback Thread / Link?

    I just had an excellent transaction and I went to post on the feedback thread but didn't see one. If I remember correctly didn't the old Microholics...

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    Started by tpetsch

  • Microtech Socom (Vintage) Disassembly and Cleaning Instructions

    Hello guys, I would like to clean my old school Socom for the first time but I could use some instructions, to be honest. I have seen some pics and...

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    Started by bierni

  • Blade Finish

    You have money to burn, you see a knife that you absolutely have to have, which blade finish would you prefer - Fluted or non fluted?

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    Started by HereticKnives