• House Rules

    Some questions have come up recently regarding appropriate conduct and topics for discussion while visiting Microholics. In response, I've put...

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    Started by mjswan

  • Microholics - Rising from the Ashes

    Well folks, we're back online. As you've probably surmised, we were hacked pretty badly just before the holidays. This was my fault for not...

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  • Notreallyatruemicroholic(yet)

    Eric Grieb has been removed from the membership. Anyone curious as to why should read the pinned post in the Consumer Reports forum. Thanks, Mike

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  • Attaching Photos

    I've noticed that the images in some posts are displayed full size, and others are embedded as small thumbnails that the user has to click on. This...

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  • Knife Laws

    Here's a useful link for knife collectors. KnifeUp - US Knife Laws Beyond this, I would prefer that we not discuss legal issues on Microholics...

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